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Miss Redflower is a name that you have probably heard of, if you have been a longterm member of the drum&bass scene. Katharina Blum, better known as Miss Redflower started as a producer and Dj as early as 2007. Embracing the darker and harder side of drum&bass within the first years of her career, her style has evolved greatly, becoming intrinsically more melodic and musically orientated with a pinch of songwriting character and high quality audio productions.

Latest releases such as “Conundrum” on Hospital Records or “Reflections” on UTM Records not only reflect her professional audio experience in regards to production, mixing and mastering, but also her creativity and ability to manifest novel and unique sounding music.

A little more detail:

Katharina’s passion for electronic music was first sparked when being introduced to drum&bass at the age of 16 in the early 2000s. Up to this point, playing the guitar, singing and listening to Grunge, and Hip Hop, was her main musical background.

The sound of drum&bass triggered something primal and musically exciting, that intrigued her and pulled her into the void. Being fascinated by the unique scene and collective, it only felt natural and exciting wanting to be a part of it.

At the age of 18, she started Djing and running regular drum&bass club nights, such as the UK rooted Therapy Sessions, as well as her own nights in her hometown Dresden and later in Berlin, where she moved in 2007. 

As her reputation as a Dj grew within Germany, her urge to produce her own music grew steadily. She started to dive into music production and discovered a new passion, that she occupied and developed ever since.

First releases came through in 2007. With “The Butchers Daughter” released on Mindsaw Recordings and “Over Here” on Freak Recordings, her path into the dark drum&bass scene was paved, leading to more international attention and bookings all over Europe and beyond. 

Although other releases such as “Here To Fly”, which was featured on the Knowledge Mag Mix Cd of issue 104 in 2008, already demonstrated her propensity to musicality and vocals.

Between 2009 and 2017 her individual musical style emerged further, being an entity of atmospheric and melancholic soundscapes merged with deep basslines, punchy drums and often vocals.  

She started working with the german Label Trust in Music, which went on to release the much-loved Neonlight Collaboration “Dessert” in 2010, which was re-released and remastered in 2019 on Neonlight’s Label Diascope. 

Her 2 Track EP “Oceanic” on Spain based label Genome Records in 2017 displayed an even gentler and deeper musical side of Miss Redflower.

Between 2017 and 2020 Kat took a break from releasing drum&bass and Djing altogether and moved back to her hometown Dresden. A deeply saddening personal loss r triggered a phase of reorientation and reflection. She withdrew from all social media channels and the digital world for a while. Within that time she displaced her creativity to a new passion for composing music, using real instruments as well vocals and writing songs. The newly found interest eventually lead her back into the studio, wanting to incorporate these elements into new productions and spinning off into new musical directions.

After three years of silence, Miss Redflower’s “comeback”- track “Conundrum” was released through the legendary Hospital Records as part of the various artist's med school graduation LP in 2020.  

In January 2022 she released the track “Reflections” through the Dresden based Label UTM Records as part of the “Joined Forces EP”.

Besides producing drum&bass, Kat has worked in various areas of the audio and music industry, such as professional testing of pro audio DAW software, recording, composition and music production for bands and solo artists, as well as live theatre sound and mixing/mastering.

Katharina has a Deutsche Pop Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Composition,  and is currently doing her Bachelors Degree in Music Technology at the University West London.


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